What is heating and air conditioning zoning and zone control?      "Zoning " and "Zone Control" of your air conditioning system are 2 ways of saying individual temperture control from a single heating and air conditioning system. Typically, with almost all forced air systems, there is only one thermostat to control the system for the entire home. Once that thermostat calls for heating or cooling, there is vertually no way to control the temperture in each room of the house except by manually closing off the outlets in each room. This manual method is time-consuming and can cause harm to the system, as closing off to many outlets can reduce the air flow. This could shorten the life of the system.

     True zoning is professionally installed zone control consisting of a damper and thermostat for each room or zone in the house. This control system is wired into a central control panel that sequences each thermostat's call with the zone dampers in the ducts and the heating and air conditioning system

     To understand why zoning makes sense, think of it like having a light switch in every room of the house. You would't install just one light switch to turn on and off the lights in the house, would you? The same is true for your air conditioning sytrm. One thermostat turning on the whole system for the entire house, when you only need it in one room or zone waste energy.

     You'll also be doing the enviroment a fovor. By reducing the amount of energy you're using to heat and cool your home, you're cutting back on the pressure your local power grid faces to meet comsumer demands.

     Zoning a system take a little planning and the professionals at Aire by Design are happy to help. Call us with any questions or for expert advice.

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