Presale Inspections

     Aire by Design, will check the heating and cooling cycle of all existing equipment. It is not our intent to cost the seller additional expense in unnecessary repairs, but we must at all costs, protect the purchaser from purchasing unsound or problematic heating and air conditioning equipment. 


     We will strive to perform this function with the professionalism and diplomacy required to minimize inconvenience and financial burden. However, it is Aire by Design's professional responsibility to thoroughly check the equipment and render a completely unbiased opinion.


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Special Offers

AC Unit Upgrade

     Upgrade to a new energy efficient air conditioning unit and receive a year supply of filters from us.

Service Visit Discount

     Tell us you saw our web site and save $19.95 off the Diagnostic Charge on your next service visit.


  • Non Commisioned Technicians
  • E.P.A. Certified Technicans.
  • Design Specialists.
  • Any Brand.
  • Same Day Repair.